Smart Networking Solutions for OpenStack Neutron & OpenVSwitch

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Meta Wrapper for Big Switch, Cisco, Embrane, Freescale, IBM, Juniper, NetScaler & NSX.

Networking operations teams lean on Narkissos to wrap heterogenous infrastructure behind ubiquitous API's. To get started, simply clone the fork of our public-repo. Then, merge our private-repo using your access key to enable the plugin.

Neutron Before Narkissos

What is my cohesive network operations strategy between platforms? How do my tenants handle L2 & L3? How do I place my security policy in git?

Neutron After Narkissos

Support for Mirantis, Red Hat & Ubuntu. Tenants are self service for L2 & L3 via NPD located in QCOW2, Docker, or LXC Image. Network policy defined in git.

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15 Hermann #610
San Francisco, CA 94102


(424) 217-2712

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